What is Sweet Sweet Jamaica?

Our original mission was to help under represented farming communities maximise and unlock previously untapped value in the fresh products they produce.

We take pride in helping our farming communities evolve and be fairly rewarded, for their often unsung and unique contribution, to helping millions of people around the globe maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet.

We uphold our values and standards right the way through our supply chain. 

We value and hold in high esteem our suppliers, co-op farmers and team members that in unison make the operation of Sweet Sweet Jamaica possible.

Who are your Customers?

We work with start-ups, small, medium and very large companies. 

Sweet Sweet Jamaica is unique, flexible in operation and just like the Jamaican soil full of life and energy.

We work directly with

  • Food Processors
  • Market Traders
  • Wholesalers
  • Hotel Groups
  • Restaurant Chains
  • Sports Teams
  • Supermarkets
  • Meal Prep Companies
  • Independent and Chain retailers
  • Buyer Consortiums
  • Intermediary agents

and more throughout the globe.

Product and Ingredient Certification

We  reassure consumers that we work alongside the Bureau of Standards in all territories we serve, to ensure our suppliers are meeting the required international standards.

We set a very high standard of operation at Sweet Sweet Jamaica to ensure that when the product reaches your carrier it feels, smells and taste just like Jamaica.