Jamaican Gastronomy Training Program

More about the Program

The program is made up of 3 modules and one optional module that will serve to immerse students fully in Jamaican gastronomy, the food and beverage industry, and innovation in terms of both business and service, within the global food industry. 

Jamaica Pantry and Gastronomy

This five-week online module will teach students the essentials about the key products in Jamaican gastronomy, thanks to a complete introduction to our pantry. A selection of handpicked chefs will be in direct contact with the students through various video conferences.

Jamaican Gastronomy - Hands On

Once the online module has been completed, the participants travel to the island of sweet sweet Jamaica where the “Jamaican Gastronomy” begins. Participants undergo two weeks of intensive training in Jamaican gastronomy and cuisine. During these weeks participants dive into the Jamaican gastronomic culture, including product presentations, innovation workshops and visits to industries and companies in the food sector, studying success stories from across our beautiful island.

Discovery Tour of Jamaican Gastronomy

After finishing their training students, then embark on the “Discovery Tour of Jamaican Gastronomy”, which take the participants to different parish regions within Jamaica. This intense, week-long journey will give the opportunity to discover products in their natural surroundings, as well as get a first-hand look at our tourism, street food, catering and restaurant sectors.

The students will be fully immersed in jamaican food and drink culture and will experience tastings, lunches and dinners centered around local products, as well as examples of both classic and natural vegetarian and ital (vegan) cuisine. Students will visit producers, kitchens, rural communities and companies specializing in Jamaican cuisine.

Awards Ceremony and Presentation

The Program comes to an end with the celebration of the closing ceremony and presentation of diplomas. Students will receive their diploma whilst cooking for a selection of professional guests who have been involved in the program. The rest of the evening will see attendees entertained by local entertainment whilst a open floor for meet and greet and networking opportunities with guests in attendance.

Sweet Sweet Jamaica's firm commitment to the international promotion of Jamaica gastronomy not only shines a light on the foods and drinks from Jamaica, but is also a fundamental pillar for the promotion of rising talent we see coming through the ranks on .

What are the Objectives

  • To generate passion for culture, gastronomy and Jamaican products.
  • To design and create quality gastronomy, based on the products presented during the course and the discovery trip
  • To identify and evaluate the principal characteristics of Jamaican gastronomy, from its different parishes, as well as throughout the Caribbean.
  • To design and create quality gastronomy, based on the products presented during the course and the discovery trip
  • To evaluate, identify and design innovative processes for both service and customer service in the food industry. 
  • To enable effective communication with both clients and other professionals about the value of the Jamaican products and gastronomic culture in Jamaica.

Own your future (4th optional module)

This optional two week module resumes two days after the ceremony and presentation. This module will advise you on how to become start your own fresh produce business and become an Sweet Sweet Jamaica Service Partner, delivering fresh jamaican produce and engaging themed food events across your community.

Sweet Sweet Jamaica is seeking entrepreneurs in foreign territories across the globe to launch and operate their own wholesale fresh produce distribution/delivery business. The Co-Op Service Partner (CSP) programme provides an opportunity for strong leaders who are passionate about starting their own fresh produce distribution business. Joining a robust community of businesses, you will help deliver fresh jamaican produce to your own community of customers every day.

If you’re a quality-obsessed people person who enjoys passing benefits of Jamaican produce, this is the ideal opportunity for you. As an owner, you’ll be fully responsible for recruiting high-performing sales agents and drivers. Access to Sweet Sweet Jamaica's negotiated discounts on a host of produce products that keeps owner startup costs as low as £20,000 (GBP). As part of the CSP community, you’ll operate your own delivery business with 2 to 40 vans and anywhere from 6 to 70 drivers, working alongside other owners in your area. We’ll help you set up and get ready to operate out of your local Sweet Sweet Jamaica delivery station, and you’ll provide consistent support for the drivers, ensuring fresh produce and is delivered to customers seven days/week, 365 days/year.

What to expect

  • Launching a business becomes that much easier with Sweet Sweet Jamaica’s delivery volume and sourcing resources behind you.
  • Benefit from deals on Sweet Sweet Jamaica branded products and other fresh produce products to help get your business up and running.
  • We provide a multi-week training course to ensure you’re set-up for success. 
  • We give you tools and technology to help run your business, designed to keep your operation running smoothly
  • Offer on-demand support Owners receive support, including produce nutrition reports

Is this program for me?

It does not matter if you are a Michelin starred chef or a local restaurant owner we operate a socially inclusive program that welcomes all to the Jamaican food culture.  This Program responds to the exceptional level of international projection for the Jamaican fresh produce industry in response to people making healthier choices about what they eat.

Discover, Develop and Deliver

The participants chosen for this program boast profiles that include long professional careers and senior positions in their respective departments to young innovative food truck entrepreneurs.

The Food, Gastronomy and Beverage Division of Sweet Sweet Jamaica seeks to introduce authentic gastronomy to all that are keen to learn about what makes Jamaican gastronomy so unique not just leaders and decision-makers.

Sweet Sweet Jamaica is taking upon ourselves to promote and spark interest in Jamaican gastronomy, with the ultimate goal of introducing of Jamaican products into professional and everyday offerings. 

This long-term project aims to establish a solid and fruitful relationship with the individuals, families, companies or hotel groups that enrol to participate from around the globe.

Jamaica is considered a global reference for its culinary variety, it’s historical innovation in vegan and vegetarian culinary techniques, and how that relates to our colourful roots and culture. This program was created to provide specialized training in Jamaican gastronomy – both practical and theory – to foreign professionals, while simultaneously offering an integral look at the history, rich culture, language and new horizons of opportunity we see globally in the 21st-century for Jamaica.