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Purchasing Solutions

Your Connection to Jamaica and the entire and CARICOM Region

Launch Tenders that Local suppliers can bid for

Grow and maintain great relationships with local suppliers with face to face representation

Continuous flow of information to you

Logistic Solutions

Quality checks at packing to guarantee produce freshness*

*optional service

Working in sync with your shipping agent

Global Air and Sea Connections

FCA island wide logistics

Warehousing Solutions

Our suppliers have extensive inspection, packing and warehousing packing capabilities throughout Jamaica, Barbados, Gambia and Ghana.  No matter what region or parish we source your produce from, you can rest assured it will be looked after safely.


Please be aware that fresh produce are commodities and prices can go up and down daily.  For updated Realtime quotes you can contact us via instant messenger and we will be glad to help you.

In the case that a Currency Conversion is needed in Dollars, Euros or any other currency click here.

There are no minimum orders but due to transportation costs we suggest either

  • A minimum of 2 (mixed or singular) pallets by air freight 
  • A minimum of 6 pallets by sea cargo to certain destinations
  • A full truck, or container which can carry up to 24 pallets. That is, transportation cost for a full truck or container staying constant, the fewer the pallets ordered and transported in that truck or container, proportionately the more expensive it will be to transport them.

For certain destinations like the Canada, UK and USA there is daily regular transportation between Jamaica and those three countries, so your produce can be grouped with others for a minimum of four pallets and the transport company would only charge for the pallets effectively transported.

Sweetsweetjamaica.com  understand that Sweetsweetjamaica.com does not sell transportation. I understand that should I prefer Sweet Sweet Jamaica to recommend a carrier/s and organise the transportation of my order from Jamaica to my premises a commission charge will be added to all related invoices that make it possible.

Contracts involving international transportation often contain abbreviated trade terms that describe matters such as the time and place of delivery and payment, when the risk of loss shifts from the seller to the buyer, and who pays the costs of freight and insurance.

FCA is a trade term requiring the seller to deliver goods to a named airport, terminal, or other place where the carrier operates. Costs for transportation and risk of loss transfer to the buyer after delivery to the carrier.

When used in trade terms, the word “free” means the seller has an obligation to deliver goods to a named place for transfer to a carrier.

We only work with suppliers of quality grade products and produce.

If you require a lower grade of fruit to reflect a budget then this should be communicated at the earliest opportunity.

We work openly with different cultures from around the world. 

We appreciate that Caribbean and African regional dialects/lingo can be difficult to understand and the style of negotiation can be very animated. 

As your partner on the ground we manage and maintain all of communication on your behalf allowing you to focus on handling other aspects of your acquisition.

Due to our relationships with small, medium and large suppliers and farming communities throughout the CARICOM region we can offer very competitive and fair prices in comparison to purchasing from your national or local supplier.

We offer a turnkey service that allows you to get the best supply of produce without taking a single day off. Your solution can be completey hands free and allows you concentrate on running your business rather than picking produce

We arrange our supply around the requirements of your shipping agent.  Whether you want a daily, weekly or monthly supply we have you covered.