Cuisine Solutions

Enjoy proper Jamaican dishes under the management of a authentic Jamaican cuisine chef or professional caterers with as many guests as you wish, never worrying about taste and quality.

We have grouped our professional chefs and caterers under 4 categories in order to make the services more accessible and to make Sweet Sweet Jamaica chef and caterer placement service suitable for every budget and preference.

Social media chefs, well-known restaurant head chefs and private chefs provide their services under the guarantee of Sweet Sweet brand.

Professional Chefs & Caterers

With our experienced chefs and caterers, you can turn your event into an unforgettable occasion by getting a perfectly planned and special menu.  Our professional chefs & caterers have a minimum 8 years of experience of cooking and catering Jamaican cuisine.

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Professional Chef Prices Start from £500 Daily

Professional Catering prices POA

Private Chefs & Caterers

Our private chefs and caterers have a minimum of 3 years experience and continue working in the best restaurants and kitchens in their careers. Combining this experience and skills with a personalized approach, private chefs are the ideal profile for both special events and short & long term recruitment.

Private Costs

Private Chef Prices Start from £200 Daily

Private Catering prices POA